Monday, November 10, 2008

Personal Style - Unusual Combinations

Bet you won't admit, but you've experienced ogling a girl because she has a certain je nais se quois about her. There's something about the way she moves or carries that huge purse of hers that makes you want to follow her home and rummage through her closet. She reminds you of a certain Kate, Grace, Gwyneth, or Nicole whose style is so impeccable and effortless which you just truly adore. At the back of your mind you wish you were her.

Here at FashionMinded there are currently four.The shredded tee is looking hotter than ever with this time-consuming diy. Now, we won't go into details as to how you should go about ripping your white tee. But how you style it and the items you pair it with is a different story. Here, SwankHeights casually mixed her tee with cuffed skinny denims, pointy toe suede shoes, and topped it off with a white beanie. Things brings it to about some level of relaxed cool.A Chictopia contributor sports an unparalleled mixture of lace, knee-high socks, pointy oxfords, a mannish coat, topped with a head piece that screams rock hippie. You can do a similar take by pairing torn jeans with a lacey top, black thin coat, black heels, knee-high socks, and hippie head piece. A great advantage would be to take jeans that you have, but no longer wear, cut up to mid thigh and pull threads in the hem for an undone look. Make it look aged by scratching sandpaper on chosen areas. Now you're stylish and economical.
Sea of Shoes' Jane gives us a sneak peak of her mom's outlandish, but ultra chic literal jean jacket. Who would've thought that you can actually rework your jeans to become jackets? Then there's lace. Denim with lace is an amazing combination. Paired with a flimsy nudish top, pointy nude stilettos, and bleached dark denims is the way to look eclectic.
Another Chictopia contributor shows us an amazing way to make vintage styles look contemporary. There's an air of european elegance about her look with the carefully combined pieces namely a plain white tank, mid thigh skirt, waist belt, oxfords, quilted bag, loosely worn scarf, and vintage-looking sunnies. The theme is vintage, but the style is very right now.

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