Friday, January 9, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions!
but before that my photo out on Christmas...

deconstructed vintage sailor dress, vintage studded suede belt, vintage bag, metallic flats from local dept. store
Christmas Day in MOA. Super wild that if you're not careful you might get stepped on by a stampede or something. But I had no choice because it was not my decision to make (to go there esp. on christmas day).

Okay, so on to the New Year's Resos! Better late than never. They're not necessarily fashion-related.

1. Shift style from eccentric and whatever-goes to chic, classic, and timeless. - this spells very hard work to me because most of my fashion life (ever since i dressed up on my own) I've taught myself to dress apart from everyone else which almost always equals different, unique, eccentric, and well, sometimes odd and grungy.

2. Cut back on shopping sprees and impulse shopping... Nuff said. It's a very bad habit to break. Still, it must be done this year.

3. Invest in a bag and jewelry that will last me a lifetime. Or maybe somewhere over a decade just to make up for it's cost... It would be a tad difficult to do this while I'm also cutting back on shopping and,

4. Save, save, save!

5. Maybe a new hairstyle would be nice. I've looked the same for years with my long hair. I just vary the shades (dark brown, light brown, reddish brown, and now black) but the cut is still the same. A former helper visited us and told me that nothing's changed and well I looked really young. Don't know whether it was a compliment or an insult to still look the same after 10 or so years right?

6. Raid my own closet! I haven't been able to get the most out of the clothes in my closet because I've been too busy shopping all the time. But because I won't be spending much on clothes this year, it-must-be-done.

7. Travel - locally or internationally. I've been scrimping on traveling for years believing this isn't necessary, but this year I should at least check out some cool spots (not necessarily beaches because I'm not too fond of tanning) as well as explore the world bigger than my own. This shall be the year. Heck! I must post the contents of my travel bag...

8. Buy a new camera phone/ camera... Because I broke ours during a crazy, fun night and now it's so difficult to keep track of recent fun sessions. Sob.

That's most of my resolutions for this year. I will do some more pondering then maybe add more resolutions later on. But the gist is - be a better person in 2009.

Do share what your resolutions this year are if you have some!


Berry said...

fun crazy night meaning the elbow room tagaytay version? heehee. i miss u mejiemoo!!

I am saving up too, going out less, and drinking less too. heehee.

let's hope i can do that. il try my best. teehee.

deep_in_vogue said...

Great resolutions! Wish you luck with achieving all of them!

Fabi said...

love your outfit! that belt mmmmm pretty!! I decided I need to stop spending as well, so I'm also reconstructing things from my own closet =)

Sharina said...

Fab outfit!

Kristen said...

This list sounds a lot like mine. haha. I hope we can both stick to ours. It was fun reading your blogs and the pictures are inspirational. Thanks!